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SmartMARC Features

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SmartMARC is a powerful research tool used to locate full MARC/MARC 21 records that may be imported into Alexandria—greatly enhancing your database.

Accepts input from the following sources:
  • MARC/MARC 21 or MicroLIF records
  • Other Alexandria v5 library collections
  • Quick scan of the UPC code which is then used to perform an ISBN search
  • Manual entry of Title, Author, ISBN & LCCN
  • Other Z39.50 servers

Searches for full MARC/MARC 21 records from any one of the following sources of data:
  • Z39.50 databases
  • Brodart’s Precision One™ database (CD)* containing over 1.8 million bibliographic records
  • Other Alexandria v5 library collections

* The Precision One CD is available separately from COMPanion

  • Saving MARC records:
    • Alexandria v5 Data Station (matched records automatically updated)
    • Save to file in MARC format to be imported later into any MARC compatible system
    • Records which could not be matched are automatically saved in an 'unmatched' records file which can be used for further processing
  • Visible transaction log documenting all matching operations. This log is saved to file and can be viewed and printed
  • Can use SmartMARC to copy the Precision One Retro Print CD (pre-1991 records)
  • Integrated word processor used to examine any text import or export file
  • Program updates via the Internet