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COMPanion Products
Hardware Solutions
     COMPanion is pleased to offer the finest barcode readers, labels, and backup solutions - all designed to work seamlessly with our software products.
Barcode Readers

    Circulation Readers

    • Hand Held Linear Imager
      This hand held linear imager is a high performance bar code scanner. It uses linear imaging technology to set a new standard for hand held scanners by combining a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging delivering exceptional reading performance.
    • CCD Wedge Scanner
      Special LED technology allows the CCD Wedge scanner to read barcodes without having to touch the label.
    • Laser Scanner
      The Laser Scanner with Stand is a high-performance scanner, pre-configured for Alexandria users. Barcodes scanned by the Laser Scanner read quickly and accurately into the Alexandria system.

    Portable Readers

    • Palm Scanner
      The Palm III Laser Scanner gives you an easy, ergonomic design that is quickly pocketed allowing media personnel to perform other tasks during inventory.